Yatis Tracking
Fast & safe tracking. Every time. Everywhere.
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AIS 140 Mining GPS
Certified GPS devices
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Insurance and Banking
Check out our IoT solutions for Insurance and Banking
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Fuel Tracking Solutions
Reduce fuel theft and improve fuel efficiency by 33%
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Video Analytics
AI and machine learning on the edge
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Remote Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
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Mobile apps for tracking

Locate Assets

Track Assets with GPS on your mobile apps
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Custom IoT

Complex logistics

Simplify Complex Logistics by using customised solutions
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Get ETA for

Monitor shipments

Our proprietary algorithms update the ETA of your shipment
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Yatis Telematics

Fast & safe tracking. Every time. Everywhere.

Track your valuable goods
Fuel Tracking
Cold Chain

Save Money

Track Assets and Fuel thefts to save money

24/7 Support

Our application never goes down

ETA Monitoring

Track ETA with proprietary algorithms

Super Scalable Platform

Our IoT platform scales infinitely

Quality IoT Service

A full range of quality IoT services: location, GPS, fuel tracking, cold chain and schools

Worldwide tracking

You can track your vehicles anywhere in the world with our technology

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