Reefer Solutions

Complete tracking solution for your Cold Chain!

While transporting pharmaceuticals and perishables, the transporter has to ensure that the temperature stays within the specification. Our fleet tracking devices support temperature sensors, that integrate with GPS data.

Track Temperature around the clock

You can track temperature of your consignment anytime from anywhere

Avoid spoilage with escalations

Get escalations every time the temperature of your consignments breaks pre-set limits

Complete integration with GPS

The temperature sensor is integrated with the GPS device. Get all fleet management solutions

How it works

We support wired and non-wired sensors

The sensor are integrated with a GPS gateway, which powered by the vehicle battery. The integration can be wired (one-wire protocol) or non-wired (BLE). The gateway collects the data and sends it to our cloud servers. 

Data and Analytics 

Operator can add multiple sensors in one vehicle and all the data gets collected. 

You can then view the data anytime, anywhere with our mobile apps and web applications. You can also access the data programatically with APIs or streaming protocols like MQTT.