Electric Vehicle Monitoring

Electric Vehicle and Battery Monitoring System

Electric Vehicle Monitoring System

Adoption of Electric Vehicles has been relentless over the last years. Climate change and technology evolution have accelerated the change from ICE to EVs.

Our EV solutions help track most critical EV parameters. Our solutions can detect battery issues early on and prevent breakdowns. The reports can help you understand how vehicles and batteries are used and charged. 

Yatis solutions monitor both EVs and ICEs and provide you a single point to manage your entire fleet. 

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Monitor usage

Track how much your vehicles are driven and where they go

Charge Cycles

Charge Cycles are an important metric for the Lithium Ion battery. Yatis detects and counts your charging cycles and keeps tabs on your battery health

Recharge monitoring

We identify when and where your vehicle is being charged and whether the recharge is done at designated charging spots

Activity Dashboard

The activity dashboard provides a quick overview of your fleet’s activity. Get an overview of how much your fleet has run, power it consumed and number of charge cycles taken.

Get overviews and comparisons across months and weeks and see how your fleet is operating.

EV Dashboard
EV data

Battery Health

Track battery health parameters of each individual vehicle. With Yatis systems you can track the health of the batteries and number or charge cycles at the tips of your fingers.