Save fuel

Fuel Tracking

Get accurate refueling and fuel theft events!

Fuel is the largest cost for logistics companies. Logistics must keep track of the fuel expenses to improve margins. What you can’t measure you can’t improve. With very accurate fuel sensors, we can help you keep an account of costs and high driving issues that increase fuel expenses. In one of our projects we saw 30% improvement in fuel efficiencies driven by our solutions.

Refueling points

Our algorithms can identify the location and amount of refueling. This will control the fraudulent practices at fuel stations

Stop fuel pilferage

We help customers identify fuel theft events, accurately catching fuel theft amounts, time and location

Fuel Mileage

Yatis tracks driving behaviour issues like overspeeding, harsh driving, incorrect gear usage that increase fuel consumption.

Capacitive Fuel Sensors

  • Capacitive Fuel Sensor provide accurate fuel tracking
  • Accuracy of upto 0.5% of tank capacity
  • Our solutions have temperature compensation to ensure accurate fuel levels even in extreme weather conditions
  • This solution is suited for large vehicles like trucks 
  • It can give an accurate measurement of theft and refueling events

Fuel Events - Refueling and Theft

Get Accurate fuel level data from your vehicle. Understand the profile of your vehicle as vehicle moves

Cross check your fuel bills with the sensor data. We record the refueling event including the fuel amount and time at which the event happened

Track fuel theft events ensuring you save money

Get Downloadable excel reports for your tracking and billing purposes

Proprietary Algorithms to remove noise and measure refueling

Report and Visualisation

Powerful tools to understand your fuel consumption on both web and mobile. Control and track your fuel usage from anywhere anytime.

Fuel Tracking on Mobile App