Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Modern Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for commercial needs

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – TPMS

Under inflated tyres increase the vehicle drag, and can decrease fuel efficiency by as much as 8%. Temperature variations can upto variation in tyre pressure. A 5C drop in temperature can cause tyre pressure to reduce by 2%

Monitoring tyre pressure can increase fuel efficiency, decrease consumption, reduce maintenance issues and increase tyre lifetime. It can also detect punctures and tyre damage reducing the probability of accidents and severe damage.

Reduce fuel consumption

Controlling tyre pressure reduces fuel consumption and increase efficiency

Reduce accidents

Punctures on large vehicle tyres, can cause accidents. Prevent accidents protecting the driver, vehicle and consignment

Save Money

Save money by reducing fuel consumption, less maintenance and increase tyre lifetimes


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System integrated with GPS!

Our TPMS is integrated with our GPS service

This enables you to get all the cutting edge location based service from Yatis and a TPMS. Avoid accidents, reduce fuel cost, increase tyre lifetime while monitoring the vehicle and driver

Why tyre pressure is important!

The air pressure in your tyres supports the entire weight of your vehicle. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is essential for keeping your vehicle, the driver, the consignment it is carrying and other road users safe. It goes a long way in improving vehicle performance, decreasing fuel costs and ensuring you get the most life out of your tyres. Unfortunately it’s one of the most common aspects of a car that driver neglect.

Under inflated tyres i.e. tyres with low pressure is a major cause of tyre failure. Under inflated tyres cause too much of the tyre to touch the road, increasing friction and wear. Visually you cannot identify that a tyre is under inflated. A tyre doesn’t need to look a little flat to be under inflated, it is best to have a TPMS monitoring them. A tyre with 25 per cent of the air let out of it looks like a fully inflated tyre.

  • Increased rolling resistance which makes the engine work harder
  • Uneven tread wear, with the edges of the tyre wearing out faster
  • Poor braking performance
  • Increased fuel consumption due to the rolling resistance

Over inflated tyres on the other hand give you a bumpier ride, compromises handling and creates uneven tread wear. There is a myth that the more your tyre is inflated, the better fuel economy is. This isn’t true. It is best to keep the tyre inflated to its correct level.