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Construction and Mining

Construction and mining are industries where fleet utilisation and the operational cost of running equipment is critical.  Types of vehicles we support are concrete mixers, bulldozers, tractors, cranes, loaders, heavy trucks etc.  We support both electric and traditional petrochemical based vehicles.

Our solutions allow you to monitor fuel consumptions, work time, maintenance, loading status, current location access to key areas etc.

Fuel Consumption

Monitor fuel consumption in hourly, daily or in which ever time period you choose. 

Look at parameters such as idling, engine overload, pilferage. 

Single and multiengine we support both types of equipment. 

Check out out fuel page for details

Work hours

Manage your billings by accurately by determining work hours through multiple parameters e.g., location, time and actual usage. Don't rely on hunches - use real data

Fleet Management

Monitor exact zones vehicles are operating in, fleet utilization, trips made etc.  

Get reports and alerts at the touch of a button. 

Check out our fleet management solutions for details


Large vehicle are expensive and attention needs to be paid to their upkeep. 

Get information like engine temperature, oil levels, critical ECU parameters, etc

Visit the engine analytics solutions page for more details